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Who We Are

Connecticut Wholesale Real Estate purchases single and multi-family houses. We buy houses throughout Connecticut in any price range, and in any condition.The primary focus of our business is the purchase and resale of residential real estate.

We understand that homeowners can find themshelves in possession of a property they need to sell but may not have the finances or the desire to renovate it. Since we purchase houses in need of repair this creates an oppurtunity for homeowners to sell real estate that would be difficult if not impossible to sell to the average home buyer.

No matter what reason you have for selling, no matter what condition the property is in, and no matter when you would like to close, we can offer a fast solution.

What We Do

If you are interested in hearing about our bargain properties, please complete the short questionnaire and you will be added to our list. We send email announcements of new houses for sale to those who join our buyers list. 

Receiving an email notice will give you a significant leg up on our deals. Because we sell at such low prices and use email alerts our deals are rarely available for more than a few days

We are always searching for deals throughout Connecticut. Our advertising reaches thousands of homeowners that may have an interest in selling a property. If you would like to hear about our bargain properties when they are available, please complete the short questionnaire and you will be added to our list.